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I have this loop that prints 6 rows (multicell) for about 30 times. The issue is that when it reaches the bottom page it prints 2 or 3 rows from the multicell and on the next page it prints the other 3 rows. I want to make it print all 6 rows on the next page if there is not enough space for all 6 rows on the present page. I use this code:

$height_of_cell = 60; mm
$page_height = 279.4; // mm (portrait letter)
$bottom_margin = 20; // mm
$space_left = $page_height - $p->GetY(); // space left on page
$space_left -= $bottom_margin; // less the bottom margin
if ( $height_of_cell >= $space_left) {
$p->AddPage(); // page break
$p->Cell(100,5,'','B',2); // this creates a blank row for formatting reasons

but it doesn't work. Any solutions? Thanks!

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Use GetY to get the current position, subtract it from the height of your document. If that is less than 6x (you have 6 rows) your multicell height, then force a page break by using AddPage.

I know you fixed this, but for the benefit of anyone else, this should give a broad idea.

$p = new FPDF();
$height_of_cell = 60; // mm
$page_height = 286.93; // mm (portrait letter)
$bottom_margin = 0; // mm
  for($i=0;$i<=100;$i++) :
    $space_left=$page_height-($p->GetY()+$bottom_margin); // space left on page
      if ($i/6==floor($i/6) && $height_of_cell > $space_left) {
        $p->AddPage(); // page break
    $p->Cell(100,10,'This is a text line - Group '.$block,'B',2);
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Hi, I modified the code like that, but it does nothing. Do you see an error somewhere? – Claudiu Sep 10 '12 at 12:36
I figured it out. it is working now. – Claudiu Sep 10 '12 at 13:07
Because it was useful to me note that for A4 $page_height = 297; – MDCore Jun 23 '13 at 20:51
SetAutoPageBreak(boolean auto , float margin) fx helped me.The second parameter is the distance from the bottom of the page that defines the triggering limit. By default, the mode is on and the margin is 2 cm. – Ravinder Kumar Sep 25 '13 at 19:27
Yes absolutely @Ravs, that would be the typical application. The OP here wanted to make sure all 6 rows would fit, just using the autopagebreak would break his tables up if 1-5 rows would fit on the page, which is why he needed a more elaborate solution. – Mark Sep 26 '13 at 9:31

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