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Given the table uploads which holds the relation between 4 different apps and users:

field    type
dogTag   int (foreign key to dvd)
app      enum
uploader int (foreign key to user)
mod      string

And the table dvds:

dogTag  int (primary key)
title   string

And the table users:

id    int (primary key)

How can I properly construct a model relations between the dvds table and the uploads table within Rails if it depends on an ENUM column?

With sql I simply do:

JOIN uploads ON uploads.dogTag = dvds.dogTag
WHERE uploads.app = 'dvd'

But have no idea how to create this relationship in Rails and haven't found a lot of info on this.


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I don't have too much idea on how to create relation with enum column,but if it's a four model in your app that has one upload model then you can use polymorphic association,ryan has great railscasts

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Thanks, I will look at it. –  kakubei Sep 10 '12 at 14:42

Well you could re-organise your db to make the enum type a look up table, you could create a non-persistent model to implement it.

Thing is if you had started from the model instead of the database, you wouldn't have gone anywhere near mysql's enum type, and that's why you are struggling to find much, you've gone at it bass ackwards.

My advice get rid of it...

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Yes, you are quite correct. But it seemed like a good solution at the time when things were a lot simpler :) I'll have to see about getting rid of it, the problem is that there is a bunch of PHP code that relies on that model sigh –  kakubei Sep 10 '12 at 14:42
Never liked them myself, too many problems for waaaay too few benefits. –  Tony Hopkinson Sep 10 '12 at 21:36

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