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We are wondering if someone has experience with the way Qt license works. We want to develop a closed source, proprietary license application (with static linking to Qt libraries), which will be installed to several computers (> 100). We might consider purchasing a commercial license, but we are not sure whether the license fee is:

  1. per developer
  2. per workstation
  3. per company
  4. per installation
  5. per team
  6. anything else?

Anyone has experience in this area?

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Why not contact them directly? –  Bart Sep 10 '12 at 11:09

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When I used it, eons ago, the license was "per developer". This has changed now, as far as I can tell. Take a look at this: QT commercial vs. non-commercial license for beginner and Qt LGPL licencing for a free application with closed source

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