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I have a problem with the forms in play2.


@Id private ObjectId id;


<input name="id" id="id" type="hidden" value="@guidesForm.field("id").value()">

I can not initialize the id field with bindFromRequest() it will always be empty. And I can only query with an ObjectId not with a string.

ObjectId id = new ObjectId(form().bindFromRequest().get("id"));

This is the correct constructor for an objectid. As you can see this is my workaround I don't use guideForm.bindFromRequest(); I just have to bind it directly.

This feels a bit hacky. Is a soltuion where i just can use the normal binding?

Form<Myclass> guideForm = form(Myclass.class);
Form<Myclass> filledForm = guideForm.bindFromRequest();
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Try to register a custom DataBinder in the onStart() of the Global object:

Formatters.register(ObjectId.class, new SimpleFormatter<ObjectId>() {

    public ObjectId parse(String input, Locale l) throws ParseException {

        return ...; // create the object from the input of the form

    public String print(ObjectId objectId, Locale l) {
        return String.valueOf(objectId.id);


The doc is available at the end of this page: http://www.playframework.org/documentation/2.0.3/JavaForms

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