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I have a 130kb jpeg image that wont open in anything and I need to fix it. From the various image recovery softwares that I used all I got was "Image headers corrupted/missing". I dont even get anything when I look up in the properties of the file, no dimensions etc., just the file size. Is it possible to recover the image once its headers are lost? I dont want to use any recovery softwares anymore. I got one idea from a colleague to parse the jpeg and look for anomalies compared to a working jpeg. Any other ideas?

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If the file is only missing the header info, then you may be able to restore it. If this JPEG was generated by a digital camera or software which uses fixed Huffman tables, you can take the header info from another image generated by the same camera/software and graft it on to your file to restore it. If you can post the file, I can let you know if it is beyond repair. –  BitBank Sep 10 '12 at 22:44

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The only method I can think of is to look at the JPEG using a hex editor, and check if its contents conform to the JPEG spec. Good luck.

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