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In phing i can set this:

<property name="build.myArray" value="something1, something2, something3" />

And then retrieve each value like this:

<foreach list="${build.myArray}" param="replace.me" target="build:create-vhost" />

<target name="build:create-vhost">
        <replacetokens begintoken="@" endtoken="@">
            <token key="REPLACE_ME" value="${replace.me}" />

My question is can i do the same this but using array with keys and values? Something like that:

<property name="build.myArray" value="myKey = something1, myKey2 => something2, myKey3 => something3" />

and use that key names later

Is is possible to do it?

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No, you cannot use properties as array in phing.

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is there any turn-around solution ? –  AlphaB Nov 23 '12 at 17:28

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