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Magento: onepagecheckout, stuck on billing information

This is the response we got:

When I look @ the code in http://baleinen.com/checkout/onepage/ I cannot find an block called shipping-method.

Any ideas howto fix? (and this is the Sentana template, I almost cant imagine that this hasnt worked before)

{"goto_section":"shipping_method","update_section":{"name":"shipping-method","html":"    <dl class=\"sp-methods\">
<dt>Betaal en verzendkosten (PostNL)<\/dt>
<span class=\"no-display\"><input name=\"shipping_method\" type=\"radio\" value=\"flatrate_flatrate\" id=\"s_method_flatrate_flatrate\" checked=\"checked\" \/><\/span>
<label for=\"s_method_flatrate_flatrate\">NL                                                                        <span class=\"price\">\u20ac\u00a01,25<\/span>                                                <\/label>
<script type=\"text\/javascript\">
var shippingCodePrice = {'flatrate_flatrate':1.25};

Event.observe(el, 'click', function(){
if (el.checked == true) {
var getShippingCode = el.getValue();
var newPrice = shippingCodePrice[getShippingCode];
if (!lastPrice) {
lastPrice = newPrice;
quoteBaseGrandTotal += newPrice;
if (newPrice != lastPrice) {
quoteBaseGrandTotal += (newPrice-lastPrice);
lastPrice = newPrice;
checkQuoteBaseGrandTotal = quoteBaseGrandTotal;
return false;


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review the log files in 'var/log', see if you get any clues –  Gershon Herczeg Sep 10 '12 at 15:55

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Problem was that Magento JS was trying to find col-right, when there was none.

This is col-left and reported as a small defect because it i hardcoded in JS

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Great, but you how not answering how to fix the problem ? –  Tareck117 Apr 16 '14 at 15:32

I had a similar issue with OnePage Checkout not completing.

I had to make the following change:


Find the folowing section:

<form action="" id="co-payment-form">
        <?php echo $this->getChildHtml('methods') ?>

and add an id to the fieldset element:

<form action="" id="co-payment-form">
   <fieldset id="checkout-payment-method-load">
        <?php echo $this->getChildHtml('methods') ?>

Now my checkout proceeds OK.

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