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Inside my scrollView i am adding uitextfields programmatically by clicking an "ADD" Button. the number of textfields depending on how much i press in add button. it can be 'N' number of textfields. After this fields editing how can i get values inside the all textfields into an array. if once i edited textfield there is a possibility to delete entry inside that. So what is the way to save values in the all text fields while clicking in Save button. i am attaching my screenshot with this. Thanks in Advance Programmatically adding Textfields sample preview

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When ever you add textfield on add button click at that time you need to set text field tag property so it will help you to identify textfiel value and also you can able to add these values in array. textfielt.tag = count; – Dipen Chudasama Sep 10 '12 at 11:47
Hi access your textField using tagValue... – Rajneesh071 Sep 10 '12 at 11:54
why don't you work with UITableView? you could manage easily to add or remove any cell to/from the table. – holex Sep 10 '12 at 11:56
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use fast enumeration.

NSMutableArray *arr = [NSMutablearray....];
for (UIView *subV in self.view.subviews){
     if([subV isKindOfClass:[UITextField class]]){
        //store it in a NSDictionary, so later can still know which 
        //textField your text belongs,
         NSDictionary *tempDic = [NSDictionary dictionaryWithObjectAndKey:subV.txt 
                           ,subV.tag,/*or subVw.placeholder*/,nil];
        [arr addObject:tempDic];

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this is the better solution ;) – AzzUrr1 Sep 10 '12 at 11:48

You can get all the textfields by iterating through the subview array of the scrollview

for (UIView *subView in scrollview) {
    //check if the subView is a textfield by for example matching a certain tag
    //save text of textfield
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When you are creating textField then assign tagValue to every textField and then access textField using tag value....

UITextField *txtField = (UITextField *) [scrollView viewWithTag:tag];
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