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I have the following code:

        <table id="paymentProcess">
                    <label> <h:outputText value="Type: *" /> </label>
                    <p:column headerText="Process Payment" style="width:10%">
                        <select id="type" onchange="change(this.value)"
                            name="type" style="width: 70px;height: 20px;font-size: small">   *********
                            <option id="check">Check</option>*****
                            <option id="cash">Cash</option>*****
                    <label> <h:outputText value="Check/DD Number: *" /> </label>
                        <input id="chkNo" maxlength="7"
                            style="font-size: small; width: 100px;height: 20px"/>
                    <label> <h:outputText value="Total: *" /> </label>
                    <input id="total" style="font-size: small; width: 100px;height: 20px"/>
                    <h:commandLink value="Pay Now"
                        <f:param name="productId" value="#{due.productId}" />
                        <f:param name="intimationid" value="#{due.id}" />
                        <f:param name="regiNo" value="#{due.regiNo}" />
                        <f:param name="uuid"
                            value="#{adminActionController.userBean.id}" />
                        <f:param name="checkNo" value=""/> *******

I want to pass select id="type" to f:param name="checkNo" value="?" How could I do this? When I click on the commandLink, it goes to actionListener method in a backing bean. Is there another way to pass it to the backing bean when I click on the command link?

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Why did you add the [jsf-1.2] tag if you aren't using JSF 1.2 at all? – BalusC Sep 10 '12 at 12:31

Since you're using JSF you can use the h:selectOneMenu instead of the basic HTML <select> tag. As an alternative you can use PrimeFaces' p:selectOneMenu, this also has skinning capabilities.

For an example of this menu see PrimeFaces' showcase.

For four examples how to pass additional parameters to a backing bean click here.

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