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Welcome xxx@xxxxx.com! You can confirm your account email through the link below: enter code hereConfirm my account

I want to edit this message to become like this

My project_name Hello xxxxx click here to confirm you email

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Simply generate the devise views

rails g devise:views

then you get access to the default mailing configurations in


  • confirmation_instructions.html.erb
  • reset_password_instructions.html.haml
  • unlock_instructions.html.haml
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Check the devise.en.yml to find the devise translations. You can pass the project_name to the translation; for example:

t('welcome', :project_name => project.name)

And in the yml file:

welcome_message: 'My %{project_name} Hello xxxxx click here to confirm you email'

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You mean under mailer: confirmation_instructions: subject: 'Cheeve.it Confirmation instructions' reset_password_instructions: subject: 'Reset password instructions' unlock_instructions: subject: 'Unlock Instructions' –  MahAbdelaziz Sep 10 '12 at 12:10

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