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I want to Convert an int to a specific type and then return a string whose format depends on the type I converted it to.
I have a property that returns a Type object, and another that I want to return a string whose format depends on the Type.
Why doesn't the compiler like the code in HexString below?
Is there another equally brief way to do this?

public class TestClass
    private int value;
    public bool signed;
    public int nBytes;

    public int Value { get {return value;} set {this.value = value;}}

    public Type Type { 
        get { 
            switch (this.nBytes) {
            case 1:
                return (this.signed ? typeof(SByte) : typeof(Byte));
            case 2:
                return (this.signed ? typeof(Int16) : typeof(UInt16));
                return null;

    public String HexString {
        get {
            //?? compiler error: "no overload for method 'ToString' takes '1' arguments
             return (Convert.ChangeType(this.Value, this.Type)).ToString("X" + this.nBytes);
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This isn't an answer..just a suggestion. Getting a feeling that using generics might help here. –  P.K Aug 5 '09 at 19:23

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Try formatting the string via String.Format rather than using Object.ToString():

return String.Format("{0:x" + this.nBytes.ToString() + "}", 
    (Convert.ChangeType(this.Value, this.Type)));

Any type that implements a formattable ToString() method is not overriding System.Object.ToString() and as such you cannot call that method on an Object with parameters.

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ChangeType returns a System.Object. Unfortunately, only the numerical types provide a ToString overload with a format (string paramater). System.Object.ToString() takes no parameters.

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