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I need to "watch" some facebook pages (public pages) and every time there is a new post (en each one of the pages) to be able to get it and store it in my database. I've found the "real time updates" on facebook developer page ( but this is not exacly what I need. To use this "push updates" you need to create a Facebook app and users to give access to it. I only need to watch public pages (so no authentication needed).
The other solution is to use somethiong like

but this means to query facebook server every x seconds. I don't know if facebook has some limitation.

Does anybody know the better solution to accomplish that ?

I've been searching for a while but I did not found the proper solution.


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There does not seem to be a request-per-time limit, so you should be OK with polling Facebook regularly if Real-Time Updating is not the way you want to go. – Callum McLean Sep 10 '12 at 13:33

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