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I have required a C function/routine in DataStage to parse the Arg1 based on Arg2 and then it should return the resultant value. Here the Arg1 is nothing but Transformlogic and Arg2 is input values of the Arg1. Below is the function:

char* TransformParsing(char* Arg1, char* Arg2) 
return result; 

And I have an input record which has 4 columns separated by | like below:

KeyCol | TransformLogic1|TransformLogic2|TransformLogic3 
100|"if Col49[1,4]=COMM then I else P"|"if Col49[1,4]=COMM then Commission else Polo"|"if Col49[1,4]=COMM then ABC else xyz" 

Here I have 3 TransformLogics in a 1st row (i.e., KeyCol=100). Now I want to process the entire row at the same time. The above routine can returning the result when I use in 1 column by making remaining 2 columns as dummy, like below:

KeyCol, TransformParse(Arg1, Arg2), "Dummy", "Dummy" --->is executing perfectly. 

If we want to process the entire row we should have to call the routine at the same time in 3 places. When I call the function in many times it is simply keep on running/ hanging. So that's what I would like to go for Multi-Threading.

Like below:

KeyCol, TransformParse(Arg1, Arg2), TransformParse(Arg1, Arg2), TransformParsing(Arg1, Arg2).---> Is not executing perfectly 

Now I hope I am very much clear about my aim. Now could anyone please understand my task and help me the same?

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