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We want to implement autocompelete using Jquery.

We need to enable the user to add text and to save the new text. something like on key press event. In Addition I want enable to user to add text into the input text.

    source: url,
    select:  function (event, ui) {
        // code..

We have tried to do this using change event , but this is not good enough since according to the API the change event is fire only after onBlur is fire (when the user live the input text).

Can someone help how to solve this problem?


John & Yuri.

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source:function(request, response) 
            var text = $("#idofthetext").val()
select:  function (event, ui) {
    // code..

do you want to do something like this? var text will give you the text when user type in the input field with id "idofthetext".

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but I'm using URL and not a callback function.. – john Smith Sep 10 '12 at 12:55

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