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SOLVED: thanks to everyone for the fast answers

I have 3 tables, i joined them(checked in SQL and the values are right) but the problem is that 2 of them have the same field "denumire" with different values and i need to echo them

To be clearer this code is echoing the same value but in the mysql the ID's are right:

echo "<td valign='top'>" . nl2br( $row1[`specializare`.'denumire']) . "</td>";  
echo "<td valign='top'>" . nl2br( $row1[`disciplina`.'denumire']) . "</td>"; 

mysql tables structure:

specializare->ID_specializare, denumire 
preda->ID_specializare, ID_disciplina, etc

sql_query in php:

$sql1 = mysql_query("SELECT preda.ID_material, prof.ID_prof, prof.nume, prof.prenume, `specializare`.denumire, disciplina.denumire, preda.an_studiu, preda.semestru, preda.material
FROM `prof`
LEFT JOIN `preda` ON `prof`.ID_prof = `preda`.ID_prof
LEFT JOIN `specializare` ON `specializare`.ID_specializare= `preda`.ID_specializare
LEFT JOIN `disciplina` ON `disciplina`.ID_disciplina = `preda`.ID_disciplina
WHERE '".$_SESSION['ID_prof']."'=prof.ID_prof
ORDER BY specializare.denumire;"); 
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what's your query? –  Kasia Gogolek Sep 10 '12 at 12:56
take one of the fields that is a duplicate and use the AS syntax to give it a different name –  dbf Sep 10 '12 at 12:57
so SELECT specializare.denumire, disciplina.denumire as disciplina.denumire2 ? –  Vlad Sep 10 '12 at 13:04

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Use aliases in your query

SELECT specializare.denumire as val1, disciplina.denumire as val2 etc .....

then do

echo "<td valign='top'>" . nl2br( $row1['val1']) 
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Awesome, works like charm, thx –  Vlad Sep 10 '12 at 13:06

When you run the SQL query, you should use an alias column name.


SELECT as t1_id , as t2_id FROM table1 t1 , table2 t2 WHERE = t1.table_id_match
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You should use an alias on your tables and columns like this:

    a.someColumnName as aCol,
    b.someColumnName as bCol
    table1 a
        join table2 b
            on a.tableID=b.tableID

And use the a/b (or whatever alias you set on tables) to determine which columns and how you refer to them when you bring them in (by using the as aCol) in the query.

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When you select the column, you can an alias:

SELECT denumire AS specDenumire FROM specializare
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Yes, here we need to understand wts happening.

In mysql, you might have overcome the conflict by tablename.columnname but the result given by mysql would be: denumire | denumire instead of specializare.'denumire' | disciplina.'denumire'

So, whem php stores that result in array while using mysql_fetch_assoc(). since, the key is like they are overwritten i.e $arr['denumire'] = 1 //specializare.'denumire' will be overwritten by $arr['denumire'] = 2 //disciplina.'denumire'. So, thus you solve by alias

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