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Obj-C, zip libary which will zip and unzip, with password protection?

iam developing one application.In that if i save the unzip folders in Document directory then that information is accessed with user using iExplorer.So i want to set the password for that unzip files.SO please tell me how to set the password for that unzip files.

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What are you trying to protect? You should look into proper encryption mechanisms. –  Martin Sep 10 '12 at 13:04

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If you were to use ZipAcrhive. Then you would save a zip file with a password using:

-(BOOL) CreateZipFile2:(NSString*) zipFile Password:(NSString*) password;

And then you could open it using:

-(BOOL) UnzipOpenFile:(NSString*) zipFile Password:(NSString*) password;


-(BOOL) UnzipFileTo:(NSString*) path overWrite:(BOOL) overwrite;

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