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I have a String begin with {" and end with "} and there are other punctuations present in between the lines like , ' or "" etc. I want to check by using java regex utility whether the line is begin with that punctuation or not. I am trying to return the boolean value by using:

Pattern.matches(begin, string) 


begin = "[\\p{Punct}&&[{]]" 


string = {"name":"Aman"},{"surname":"Gupta"}. 

(Please suggest regex option than JSON) I want to do it by using regex only. Please suggest a way how to achieve this.

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You just want to check if your string is beginning with {" or I didn't well understand your question? –  sp00m Sep 10 '12 at 13:10

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You should try smth like this:

 Pattern p = Pattern.compile("\{.*?\}");
 Matcher m = p.matcher(/*your string here*/);
 while (m.find()){
     String substringInBraces = m.group();
     /*do smth with your substring*/

This will give you a substring of anything that might be between two nearest curly braces.

You might be interested in reading this and this

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I don't know why you insist on using \\p{Punct}, it's totally unnecessary here.

Note that Pattern.matches() wants to match the entire string, so it is not useful when you only want to match something at the start of a string.

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(^\\{\") and (\"\\}$) helped me... for beginning and ending of line respectively. Thanks for you quick response. God bless –  agpt Sep 11 '12 at 5:16

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