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At work, we have been using Nexus OSS 1.8.0 for a few years now. Recently, I (as a Nexus admin) have been asked how many artifacts are in our instance. It's a very simple question, but I can't for the life of me find an answer anywhere:

  • I couldn't find it in Nexus' UI, Google or here;
  • Looking at Nexus' REST API, there is a search endpoint (two, actually, although data_index is now deprecated), which also returns how many results the query yielded (field totalCount), except that I haven't figured out how to just search for everything: providing an empty parameter yields a 400 response.

I provided a reasonable estimate of many artifacts we have, and that's good enough for now, but I had more work than I felt I should've had... Did anybody have the same problem?


I needed to know how many internal artifacts we have (as opposed to external dependencies from Maven Central and the like), so I ended up GET-ing:


for every hosted repository and adding up the totalCount fields.

For the full count, searching for q=* yielded too many results, so I ran:

find $PATH_TO_SONATYPE_HOME | grep sha1 | egrep -v 'nexus-maven-repository-index|repository-metadata|maven-metadata|\.pom\.sha1' | wc -l

But I'm still surprised this type of information isn't readily available...

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What Mark suggested is ok, but if you count sha1 files instead, you'll get a more accurate count as nexus will create that file on upload of every artifact.

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Good point: we have several non-JAR artifacts in our Nexus. – Humberto Anjos Sep 14 '12 at 17:08

Try the following:

find $PATH_TO_SONATYPE_HOME -name "*.jar" | wc -l

It will only count JAR artfacts but that normally accounts for the bulk of files stored in Nexus

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