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Trying to get my head around a following-follower model in Core Data

Hi I'm trying to create a follower-following model (like Twitter) in Core Data. Maybe I'm too used to using IDs, I'm not sure if this correct. If possible, can someone please give me some advice.


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OK, you have posted a diagram of a core data model, and a tiny bit of text, but... what, exactly, is your question? –  Jody Hagins Sep 10 '12 at 13:28
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If I understand your problem correctly, you need only the "BDOUser" entity and a "many-to-many" relationship from "BDOUser" to itself.

  • Define "followers" as to-many relationship from "BDOUser" to "BDOUser".
  • Define "followings" as to-many relationship from "BDOUser" to "BDOUser".
  • Set "followings" as inverse relationship to "followers".

Now you can do things like

[userA addFollowersObject:userB];

That will

  • add "userB" to the followers of "userA", and automatically also
  • add "userA" to the followings of "userB".
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thanks this is great! :) –  user1372829 Sep 11 '12 at 0:53
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