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in order to saved bandwidth and lines of code, I have a web services of the kind:

GET /users

[return json data]

    "headers": ["Joined", "username", "Age"],
    "data": [["2011-01-01", "alice", 22],["2011-01-01", "bob", 22]] 

How to display this object in a grid/table using extJS?

username  Joined      Age
alice     2011-01-01  22
bob       2011-01-01  22

Note: I wish not to use a data store/model object in extJS (and have to define fields etc), just display the matrix as-given by the server


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If you want to display your data using Ext.grid.Panel then you have to use a store. Period. You don't necessarily have to create a model if you define the fields directly on the store declaration, but you still need the store.

If you want to display your data using a generic HTML table, you can use Ext.XTemplate to do so. It would look something like this (example code):

var matrixTpl = new Ext.XTemplate(
            '<tpl for="headers">',
        '<tpl for="data">',
                '<tpl for=".">',
    {disableFormats: true}

You can modify the look and styles by using the template, but this will let you use a regular JavaScript object to generate your table.

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