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I need to create a child view that will allow the user to insert related data after selecting a row on the main gridview.

The child view must receive an ID that will indicate which is the parent row.

How can I pass this parameter? ViewBag?

PS: The views and controllers are different and the child view is opened using a Html.ActionLink to the Index action of another controller.

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Pass the ID of the parent as a parameter to your action method which invokes the child view.

@Html.ActionLink("Add Related Data","Add",new { @id=364})

Replace 364 with the dynamic value from your view

And in your Child Action,Get the Parent object from the ID and show that in child view. Assuming you have a ViewModel liket his for your child view.

public class ChildDetails
  public int ID { set;get;}
  public string Note { set;get;}
  public int ParentID { set;get;}
  public string ParentName { set;get;}

Get the Parent details and set the relevant property values in your ViewModel for child view.

public ActionResult Add(int id)
  var parent=yourRepositary.Get(id);
  ChildDetails childViewModel=new ChildDetails();
  return View(childViewModel);

Your Child view will be strongly binded to ChildDetails class

@model ChildDetails

  <input type="submit" />
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I'd like to use the existing Index action to list the child items, instead of creating a new action. Is it possible? –  Juliano Nunes Silva Oliveira Sep 10 '12 at 14:15
you can use an existing action. i wrote add method to make it a generic example –  Shyju Sep 10 '12 at 14:17

Pass it as a query string, since you are opening a different action.

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You can pass parameters in several ways.

ViewBag.MyParam = "1";

ViewData("MyParam") = "1";

TempData("MyParam") = "1";

Note: This is VB, so C# will be a little different.

Otherwise, you can pass via the querystring as stated by Rob.

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