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I'm in need of help designing a schema for a custom CMS, with these tables:

  • Products / Articles
  • News
  • Events

Every tables has got the usual stuff (only id's and non-text fields, the text ones are in multilanguages tables)...

My problem comes from the creation of a ___CATEGORY table, every main table has a category table related

should I create two separate table for every "master" table (one for the category and one for the relations)

ProductCategory ( category_id ... )
ProductCategoryRel ( category_id , product_id )

NewsCategory ( category_id ... )
NewsCategoryRel ( category_id , news_id )

EventCategory ( category_id ... )
EventCategoryRel ( category_id , event_id ) 

Or should I create something united like this:

MainCategory ( category_id, type (Product/News/Event) ... )

ProductCategoryRel ( category_id , product_id )
NewsCategoryRel ( category_id , news_id )
EventCategoryRel ( category_id , event_id ) 

I really can't decide, both solutions aren't perfect...

Please note that the Products Category could have different (more) fields than the News/Events Category

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If "Please note that the Products Category could have different (more) fields than the News/Events Category" then you should definitely go for the first option.

See ("One ring to rule them all")

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Nice Link ! he's right, it's probably going to take some work though...oh,well ! thanks ! – NicolaPasqui Sep 11 '12 at 10:20

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