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i just added dependency to eclipse birt to my project now very odd failures occur:

java.lang.SecurityException: sealing violation: package is sealed

on integration test or

java.sql.SQLException: Catalogs at version level 'null' cannot be upgraded to version level '10.5'.
ERROR XCL20: Catalogs at version level 'null' cannot be upgraded to version level '10.5'.

googling for the first points to a possible dependency conflict on derby.

mvn dependency:list

is proving this. birt need derby 10.5 and one of our jars need 10.8. So both derby dependencies are transitive (birts dependency is more indirect - one level deeper in tree).

How to solve this /such an conflict?

(changing the order in pom doesn't helped)

in meanwhile i tried the answer by Dan Matthews-Grout - now it works:

                <!-- does not work<groupId>org.apache.derby</groupId> but this:-->

the errors are the same and "mvn dependency:list" hasn't changed. the dependency ist charts->birt->derby the relevant parts of tree:

+- <myPackage.myProject>:metaDataService:jar:1.8.0:compile
|  +- org.apache.derby:derby:jar:
\- <myPackage>:charts:jar:0.0.2:compile
    \- org.eclipse.birt.runtime:org.eclipse.birt.runtime:jar:4.2.0:compile
      +- org.eclipse.birt.runtime.3_7_1:derby:jar:10.5.1000001:compile
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You can exclude the transitive dependency from one of the entries using:

    <exclusion>  <!-- declare the exclusion here -->

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doesn't work see addition to my answer – dermoritz Sep 10 '12 at 14:00

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