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I'm developing a C# Metro application. In the XAML code of my page I have a RichTextBlock that I'm filling this way:

<RichTextBlock x:Name="richTextBlock" Width="560" Style="{StaticResource ItemRichTextStyle}">
        <Run FontWeight="SemiLight" Text="{Binding ContentBefore}"/>
            <Button Content="TEST" Width="300" Height="150"/>
        <Run FontWeight="SemiLight" Text="{Binding ContentAfter}"/>

What I'd like to see is the ContentBefore text followed by a button and followed by the ContentAfter text.

Instead, the button (or whatever other element I try to put there, a Grid filled with stuff, for instance) overlaps both ContentBefore and ContentAfter. The only way I manage to obtain space for the button is by inserting some LineBreaks to "make space", which obviously isn't an acceptable solution.

Can someone please point me in the right direction?

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If I understood your problem, maybe you can use <Paragraph LineStackingStrategy="MaxHeight"> to resolve this.

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