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I have a pages controller in which I support 3 static pages (for example : aboutus, faq and home). I don't have any actions inside the controller, just the appropriate views so adding new pages will be easy.

I used the default route : match ':controller(/:action(/:id))(.:format)'

and can now access my pages through : 'http://localhost:3000/pages/faq' (or any other page)

I'd like to give those routes names so when I create links to them from other pages I'll use some thing like:

link_to 'FAQ' faq_path'

rather then link_to 'FAQ' '/pages/faq'

Is that possible to create "dynamic named routes"? I've tried things like:

match 'pages/:action' => 'pages#:action', :as => :action

but it didn't really work...

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You can't easily create dynamic methods like that, but if you think of it a different way you're actually parameterising your path helper. Rails does have an easy way to do this:

match "pages/:action", controller: "pages", as: "pages"

pages_path("faq") # => /pages/faq
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match "pages/faq", to: "pages#faq", as: "faq"
match "pages/home", to: "pages#home", as: "home"
match "pages/aboutus", to: "pages#aboutus", as: "aboutus"

would give you the following helpers:

home_path or home_url
faq_path or faq_url
aboutus_path or aboutus_url
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