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I am a novice in rails development.I need help regarding the routes i have to write in my application.I have the following models: Categories, ItemTypes and Items. One category can have many itemtypes which in turn can have many items.

I need to write routes similar to this:

-home screen.In home screen i'll show list of categories

when a category gets clicked i should show all the items falling under that category i.e.,the items of all the itemtypes of that category and url should be like


the item listing page will have dropdown for item types..from which the user can filter the items when the user selects a item type the url should be like


Please help me on writing the routes for these cases.Btw the below are my models i've written

   class Category < ActiveRecord::Base
     has_many :item_types
     has_many :items, :through => :item_types, :source => :category

     attr_accessible :name, :enabled, :icon

  class ItemType < ActiveRecord::Base
        belongs_to :category
        has_many :items
  class Item < ActiveRecord::Base

thanks in advance

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First, in routes.rb:

# Run rake routes after modifying to see the names of the routes that are generated.
resources :categories, :path => "/", :only => [:index, :show] do
  resources :item_types, :path => "/", :only => [:index, :show] do
    resources :items, :path => "/", :only => [:index, :show, :new]

Then, in your category.rb model:

def to_param # Note that this will override the [:id] parameter in routes.rb.

In your categories_controller.rb:

def show
  Category.find_by_name(params[:id]) # to_param passes the name as params[:id]

In your item_type.rb model:

def to_param # Note that this will override the [:id] parameter in routes.rb.

In your item_types_controller.rb:

def show
  ItemType.find_by_name(params[:id]) # to_param passes the name as params[:id]

I would recommend adding before_saves and validations to your models to ensure that the names are HTML-safe, something along the lines of name = name.downcase.gsub(" ", "-")should get you started with a before_save (but it is by no means comprehensive).

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thanks @niiru for your quick reply.i did exactly the same what you said in your answer.The resulting urls are like domain.com/categories/Entertainment... domain.com/categories/Entertainment/item_types/Events... I want to remove the categories and item_types from the urls...I jst want them to appear as below domain.com/Entertainment.....domain.com/Entertainment/Events.. –  Ramoji Sep 11 '12 at 9:50
the :path => "/" option on the resources declarations should remove "categories", "item_types" from your routes. I originally included it on the :categories line, but forgot it on the :item_types and :items lines. –  niiru Sep 11 '12 at 11:36
thanks again @niiru..this worked like a charm..can i include the constraints on these routes like this resources :categories, :path => "/", :only => [:show,:index] do resources :business_types,:path => "/", :only => [:show, :index] do resources :businesses,:path => "/", :only => [:show, :index, :new] end end –  Ramoji Sep 11 '12 at 16:32
Yes, that will work. I added it into the answer as well. Note that you may want to have :create in there as well if you've got :new. –  niiru Sep 11 '12 at 17:27

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