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I am trying to run sstable2json utility after starting cassandra server but it throwing following error. Fatal Configuration error org.apache.cassandra.config.ConfigurationException: Cannot locate dse.yaml

Fatal Configuration error; Unable to start server.

command: bin/sstabel2json /opt/dse2.1/dse-data/UserDemo/Users-hd-3-Data.db > Users.json

Before this: i started server by passing system parameter command:bin/cassandra -f -Ddse.config=file:/opt/dse2.1/resources/dse/conf/dse.yaml

Eventhough it is througing this error.

Please let me know why cassandra throwing this error while invoking sstable2json.

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It should work if you add /opt/dse2.1/resources/dse/conf/ to the classpath

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Thanks, It started working after adding to classpath.It helped me lot. – Jagan Sep 11 '12 at 6:46

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