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I am retrieving data from an XML file in PHP using an XPath like:

$xml -> xpath('///Region[@country="Spain"]/..');

This works fine. Now I am constructing the attribute query from an AJAX request like:

$attributeQuery = '';
for ($i = 0; $i < count($queryArray); $i++){
    $attributeQuery .= '@'.$keys[$i].'="'.addslashes($values[$i]).'"'; //outputs `@key="value"`
    if ($i + 1 != count($queryArray)){ //string needs another ' and ' if not last element
        $attributeQuery .= ' and ';
$path = '///Region['.$attributeQuery.']/..';

This works fine when I have standard one-word country names. Trouble starts when I am looking for names containing single quotes like: Lao People's Democratic Republic. My query constructor returns:

'///Region[@country="Lao People\'s Democratic Republic"]/..'

in that case, which also works fine when I hard code it into the xpath-request, yet when I use the $attributeQuery-variable like $xml -> xpath($path); it fails and returns an empty result? The node in question does exist in my XML (it is found in the hardcoded query...):

<Region continent="Asia" country="Lao People's Democratic Republic" state="" subcontinent="South-Eastern Asia" />

To be honest I am a little puzzled about what might be causing this, I guess it is some escaping issue, but I have no clue where it is coming from. Also I do not understand why the hardcoded string will work and using the variable won't? Is there something about the inner workings of addslashes that I am missing here?


So, what I found out is that removing the addslashes from my query string concatenation fixes my problem as somehow the values inside my $_GET seem to be escaped already. Strangely I do have Magic Quotes turned off (checking it at runtime also returned 0) and from what I can read in the documentation the only things that should happen to my Strings is that they will be URL-encoded by jQuery before being sent client-side and URL-decoded before being processed server-side.

So what is happening is the following, i do this in my JS:

params.country = $(this).val(); //returns "Lao People's Democratic Republic"

The server is doing the following:

$vals = array_values($_GET);
$keys = array_keys($_GET);

with the values in $vals somehow magically escaped already.

Although things are working fine at the moment, could anybody shed a light on why this is happening?

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From the php.net comments:

If you want to search for quoted values use the xpath concat function.

$xml->xpath('//zone[@country=concat("Cote d", \''', "Ivoire")]'); 

So for yours (I guess the escaping char in the comment is in the wrong order):

$xml->path('///Region[@country=concat("Lao People", '\'', "s Democratic Republic"]/..'
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Thanks. Apparently the "problem" for me seems to be that although I have disabled Magic Quotes via php_flag magic_quotes_gpc off (a runtime check will also return 0) my $_GET values will still be escaped automatically (so that simply removing the addslashes fixed my problem). Do you have any idea why this might be happening? As far as I can tell $_GET should only be urldecoded, right? –  m90 Sep 10 '12 at 14:56
Yes it is passed through urldecode. Hmm I can't tell it from here tell what actually happens, maybe the AJAX call is to blame? –  Dan Lee Sep 10 '12 at 15:03
Sounds reasonable, yet I cannot find anything on that in the jQuery-docs, all it says is that data will be url-decoded before sending the request. I'll edit my question. –  m90 Sep 10 '12 at 15:10

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