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Working on a rails 3 app where I want to check if a translation exists before outputting it, and if it doesn't exist fall back to some static text. I could do something like:

if I18n.t("some_translation.key").to_s.index("translation missing")

But I feel like there should be a better way then that. What if rails in the future changes the "translation missing" to "translation not found". Or what if for some weird reason the text contains "translation missing". Any ideas?

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Based on what you've described, this should work:

I18n.t("some_translation.key", :default => "fallback text")

See the documentation for details.

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:default is not always a solution. Use this for more advanced cases:


def i18n_set? key
  I18n.t key, :raise => true rescue false

any ERB template:

<% if i18n_set? "home.#{name}.quote" %>
  <div class="quote">
    <blockquote><%= t "home.#{name}.quote" %></blockquote>
    <cite><%= t "home.#{name}.cite" %></cite>
<% end %>
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use :default param:

I18n.t("some_translation.key", :default => 'some text')
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What about this ?

I18n.t('some_translation.key', :default => '').empty?

I just think it feels better, more like there is no translation

Caveat: doesn't work if you intentionally have an empty string as translation value.

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sometimes you want to do more things on translations fails

v = "doesnt_exist"
  puts I18n.t "langs.#{v}", raise: true
  puts "Nooo #{v} has no Translation!"
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This is a trick but I think it may be useful sometimes...

Assuming you have this in your i18n file:

    special_value: "Special value"
    default_value: "Default value"

You may do this:

if I18n.t('key').keys.include?(:special_value)
# => "Special value"

if I18n.t('key').keys.include?(:unknown_value)
# => "Default value"

NB: This only works if you're testing anything but a root key since you're looking at the parent.

In fact, what's interesting is what you can get when requesting a parent key...

# => {:special_value=>"Special value", :default_value=>"Default value"}
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