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at the moment it is not possible to change the splashscreen for android. Everytime I change the launchimage settings in the config.json the old trigger.io splash will be shown. Btw, this works for iOS.

Afaik, hojoki also displays the trigger.io splashscreen ...

"launchimage": {
  "android": "img\\splash_320480.png",
  "android-landscape": "img\\splash_320480.png",
  "ipad": "img\\splash_320480.png",
  "ipad-landscape": "img\\splash_320480.png",
  "ipad-landscape-retina": "img\\splash_320480.png",
  "ipad-retina": "img\\splash_320480.png",
  "iphone": "img\\splash_320480.png",
  "iphone-retina": "img\\splash_320480.png"
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Please post your launchimage config details. docs.trigger.io/en/v1.4/modules/launchimage.html –  Kris Krause Sep 10 '12 at 14:20
"launchimage": { "android": "img\\splash_320480.png", "android-landscape": "img\\splash_320480.png", "ipad": "img\\splash_320480.png", "ipad-landscape": "img\\splash_320480.png", "ipad-landscape-retina": "img\\splash_320480.png", "ipad-retina": "img\\splash_320480.png", "iphone": "img\\splash_320480.png", "iphone-retina": "img\\splash_320480.png" }, –  user1111282 Sep 11 '12 at 11:32
See Amir answer (trigger.io CEO) in my post about the same issue : stackoverflow.com/questions/12250762/… –  Pandaiolo Sep 18 '12 at 8:38

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This issue was fixed in our v1.4.15 platform version - you'll pick that up automatically if you have v1.4 in your App Config.

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if you put the images to the root it should work. i think there's a bug with the path resolving, it does not work with the subdirectories. (at least it was like that last time I tried)

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