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I am using Netbeans to create a Java desktop application. Everything is fine inside Netbeans. But when I try to run the .jar file created in the dist folder of my project's workspace, I get the following error: can not find or load main class.

I have recently upgraded to Java 1.7.0_03. Do you think this may be the reason? The new JDK is located inside glassfish and I don't understand why?!

By the way when I build the same application in Mac OS X with Java 1.6 installed I don't have any problems.

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If you are running the jar file by double clicking it, then the error is that the manifest.mf file(usually in META-INF folder) need to have the main-class defined.

have a look at http://java.sun.com/developer/Books/javaprogramming/JAR/basics/manifest.html

the part

Main-Class: com.package.MYMainClass

else if you are running from command prompt, then

java -jar my.jar com.package.MYMainClass
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thnx.i am not sure how to edit manifest, but i managed to run from command prompt as u said. what should i do now to make it runnable by double clicking? –  MoienGK Sep 10 '12 at 14:36
and there is no manifest file in meta-inf folder! the manifest is in the root folder of project –  MoienGK Sep 10 '12 at 14:48
Its a must to have manifest.mf in META-INF. open your jar file as a zip & check if netbeans is creating the META-INF folder. also to edit, just add Main-Class: com.package.MYMainClass at the end of your manifest.mf file –  bhatanant2 Sep 10 '12 at 16:42

You can also select the Main-Class in Netbeans. When you first try to run your application, Netbeans will ask which class should be the Main-Class, but you can also select it manually:

Right click on your project -> Properties -> Run

At Main Class click on Browse... and select the class that contains the main method that should be run when starting the application.

Finally, build your project again and the Main-Class attribute in manifest.mf should be set correctly. Then your application should start as desired, by double clicking the jar or java -jar myfile.jar.

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