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I've got a question regarding the ScatterViewItem control in WPF surface.

I want to have an image in the control -- which I can do -- but I also want to have more controls in the same ScatterViewItem, like a delete button.

Now I am stuck on how to get multiple elements in a ScatterViewItem control. I tried a Canvas, but that didn't look quite right, since you cant play with the image like you can with the ScatterViewItem control.

Does anyone have ideas or code that can help me?

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You can simply use any container, which can scale in size. I usually use the Grid container within the ScatterViewItem which allows me to have as many nested elements in the Grid as I wish.

The problem with the Canvas is that it can't automatically resize and because ScatterViewItems are designed for resizing and rotating this is not a great match.


<s:ScatterView >    
    <Grid Width="Auto" Height="Auto">
        <s:SurfaceButton />
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