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I made my routes recognize optional path prefixes, but now I want route generation to remember them without me specifying them each time. I'm using the solution presented here:


Here are some examples:

Let's say I'm here: { path => "/", :contoller => 'welcome', :action => 'index', :locale => 'en' } then route generation works like this:

events_path #=> "/en/events"
event_path(1) #=> "/en/events/1"

This is exactly what I want, and everything's great.

Now let's consider I'm here: { path => "/fr", :contoller => 'welcome', :action => 'index', :locale => 'fr' } then route generation works like this:

events_path #=> "/en/events"
events_path(1) #=> "/en/events/1"

This is not helping me at all. What it would be natural to have is events_path to remember params[:locale] and generate "/fr/events". Is there any way I can achieve this?

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Unless I'm misunderstanding what you're saying the desired behaviour is exactly the one I've written routing_filter for :)

Try using the provided locale filter by installing the plugin and simply adding map.filter(:locale) to your routes.

If that does not help, please email me or send me a message on github.

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