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I'm still pretty new to doing this, so I'm not entirely sure it's possible.

I have two databases and I'd like to run one query pulling from both- locating where

database1.table1.firstname + database1.table1.lastname = database2.table2.name

Is this possible?

I thought I could do something like

    COALESCE(firstname + ' ' + lastname, firstname, lastname) Name 
FROM database1.table1
INNER JOIN database1.table1, database2.table2
    Name = table2.name;

Is this possible? Or can joins only be performed on tables in the same databases?

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What do you mean by "two databases"? Are you talking about two schemas in a single MySQL instance, or two separate MySQL instances? –  Ike Walker Sep 10 '12 at 14:44

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Any MySQL query can only be run on the same database, you must perform both queries from separate connections, then merge the data.

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Your join syntax is not correct. I think you mean something like:

SELECT COALESCE(firstname + ' ' + lastname, firstname, lastname) Name 
FROM database1.table1 t1 inner join
     database2.table2 t2 
     on  COALESCE(t1.firstname + ' ' + t1.lastname, t1.firstname, t1.lastname) = t2.name
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Oh! this is helpful. Thank you @gordon-linoff –  Melanie Sumner Sep 10 '12 at 17:15

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