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I have a name column in one of the table. I wish to have 3 checkboxes in UI like A-K, L-S, T-Z.

Is there a way to filter the data using Oracle 10g with three seperate SQLs?

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You can achieve that by using REGEXP_LIKE. For instance.

select n
  from T1
 where regexp_like(n, '^[A-K]')

To make matching process case-insensitive just add 'i' after a regular expression

select n
  from T1
 where regexp_like(n, '^[A-K]', 'i')
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Thanks Nicholas.

BTW I have found the answer after experimenting sometime.

select empName from emp where empName between 'A%' and 'S%'

Case-insensitive query:

select empName from emp where upper(empName) between 'A%' and 'S%'
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