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I am using Sublime Text 2 as a text editor, with SublimeREPL to get a Ruby REPL. The problem is that irb likes to give output like:

irb(main):008:0> hello
NameError: undefined local variable or method `hello' for main:Object
    from (irb):8
    from /usr/bin/irb:12:in `<main>'

which messes up syntax highlighting (because of the extra ' at the end). The only "solution" I could come up with was to cause another error so the 's match (or turn off syntax highlighting altogether, which would defeat the point of bringing the REPL to ST in the first place).

While only a minor one, it is nevertheless an annoyance. Does anyone here know a way to fix this?

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The right way to fix this would be to create a IRB Console.tmLanguage which would tokenize and parse irb's output correctly.

As for the quick fix/workaround, evaluating this will rebalance '

irb(main):015:0> 0 #'
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