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I have 2 tables.

i want to make a query on tableA and order by tableB.

this is an accounting system.

TableA contains customers. TableB contains Payments made by customers.

i want to select * from TableA order by where he has a payment in TableB with a Date of this month first, then the rest with no payments.

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You can use functions and expressions in your ORDER BY clause, like in ORDER BY IF(b.payment = now(), 0, 1). For more help, show sample data and the desired result. –  Alex Monthy Sep 10 '12 at 15:08

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    ON TableB.customer_id = TableA.customer_id
ORDER BY COALESCE(TableB.payDate, '1900-01-01') DESC
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Probably not what the OP wants since this will return multiple rows for customers who have made more than 1 past payment. –  Ike Walker Sep 10 '12 at 15:19

You can outer join the two tables, group by the identifying info in TableA, and order by the max payment date in TableB, like this:

select customer.customer_id, customer.first_name, customer.last_name, 
from customer
  left outer join payment on payment.customer_id = customer.customer_id
group by customer.customer_id, customer.first_name, customer.last_name
order by max(payment.payment_date) desc
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