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This is so embarrassing... things I've done literally dozens of times in classic ASP and ASP.NET...

I have 1:n master-detail tables (eg. Departments, Jobs) where

  Department: ID
  Marketing : 1
  Sales     : 2
  HR        : 3


  Job     : DepartmentID
  Job 1   : 1
  Job 2   : 2
  Job x   : 1

so each Department has 0 to n Jobs listed.

Now I only want a page that lists Departments. (which are links to another page) This other page obviously presents all jobs in the chosen Department.

  "MASTER PAGE":          .--> "DETAILS PAGE after click on Marketing"
  Departments:            |    Jobs in Marketing
  Marketing --------------'    Job 1
  Sales --->                   Job x
  HR --->

Easy enough... but I have not the faintest idea how to create this in Orchard.

I have set up Taxonomies, I tried Queries...

like Taxonomy


I set up a ContentType "Job", added the Tax-Field "Department" - which is fine.

I can add {Content.Fields.Job.Department}/ to Autoroute - but it does not show up in the saved Job. (slug is always .../Title-of-Job) not (.../Marketing/Title-of-Job)

And furthermore, I only get all my Jobs listed on a URL like .../Department -- whereas I would like to get my Departments listed, not the jobs within (so this should be the "Master-page" which links to .../Department/(eg)Marketing and this one lists the jobs.

could someone please give me a detailed guide - or link - on how to accomplish this basic and trivial task for a data-driven website - in ORCHARD !?

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sorry- did not know that offering $for help is forbidden - no bad intent, sorry again! (Although I wonder why..?) – reinhard Sep 10 '12 at 16:24
The thing about autoroute is a bug: (you can vote for it). Not sure what you mean about the list of departments but you may be able to get that to work with a simple query/projection. Finally, I'd like to mention that taxonomies are just one way of doing this. There is a doc topic on relationships that may be interesting if you're ready to write some code:…. Content Picker field is yet another way to create a relationship. – Bertrand Le Roy Sep 10 '12 at 17:00

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