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HI am trying to get the photos uploaded by users at a local business ( business listed in Google +).

For ex

From the below URL which is pointing to REX theater in Bangalore, I want to fetch the photos uploaded by the users.


I have tried using google places api and Place details api but none of them seem to be giving any photo related info.

Would be great if i can get the photo's at a place uploaded by Google Users.

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EDIT: The Places API now supports the return of one place photo if available for a Place Search request and up to ten place photos for a Place Details request.

If a photos array is returned with your request, you can pass the photo_reference from a contained photo object to a Place Photo request with the maxheight and/or maxwidth, sensor and key parameters:


Please see the documentation for more details.

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Thanks for the Info i have subscribed to the future changes of the Feature request. –  praveena_kd Sep 11 '12 at 18:33

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