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In my SqlServer 2008, I have a table named Table1, with one column named IncDate which is a DateTime.

I need to run a query which returns the total of records by that date. For example, my table has these records:

09/09/2012 16:21:51.547
09/09/2012 16:22:11.032
10/09/2012 13:51:33.327

My query needs to output:

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You need to CAST() the date as date-only.

SELECT Cast(incdate as date) DateOnly, Count(*) AS Total
FROM yourtable
GROUP BY Cast(incdate as date)

see SQL Fiddle with Demo

If you do not CAST() the date to date-only, then the counts will be off.

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Here is one way:

select cast(incdate as date) as date, count(*)
from table1
group by cast(incdate as date)
order by 1
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SELECT cast(incdate as [date]) as [idate], count(incdate) totalCount
FROM table1
GROUP BY cast(incdate as [date])
ORDER BY totalCount
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