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How do I determine if an array is initialized in VB6?

I declare an array initially as empty:

Dim ArrayVar() as Variant

'May add some data, may not
if something then 
    Redim Preserve ArrayVar(ubound(ArrayVar,1)+1)
    ArrayVar(ubound(ArrayVar,1)) = "something"
end if

'Always check size of array
if ubound(ArrayVar,1) > x

the problem is sometimes when I reach checking the size, nothing has been added- the array is empty and I get a run-time error. I did try declaring the array with Dim ArrayVar(0) as Variant but then the redim statement wouldnt compile.

Whats the best way to do this?

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this will answer yoru q stackoverflow.com/questions/206324/… –  Yuck Sep 10 '12 at 16:13
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You can use the IsEmpty() function.

Please try the following code:

Dim ArrayVar() As Variant

Sub x()
If IsEmpty(arrvar) Then
    ReDim ArrayVar(0)
    ReDim Preserve ArrayVar(UBound(ArrayVar, 1) + 1)
    ArrayVar(UBound(ArrayVar, 1)) = "something"
End If

MsgBox UBound(ArrayVar, 1)
End Sub
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