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Im new to struts2 and JQuery programming. Im my application, when the loginAction is called and if the user is an Admin i direct them to the AdminLoadAction. This action loads the adminHome.jsp. What i need is for adminHome.jsp to use a JQueryGrid to display all the customers in the system. Right now my AdminLoadAction returns success (i use jdbc to connect to DB so i query my db and get a List of all the customers in the system, which works fine).

I have been trying to find good step by step kind of tutorials but havent found any. Can Some one give an idea of what change will i need to do to achieve this. So far i have downloaded and added the struts2-jquery plugin, struts2-jquery-grid plugin and the struts2-json plugin to my project.


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Have you looked at the jquery grid example app? – Dave Newton Sep 10 '12 at 16:51
@DaveNewton i have but they dont exactly have explanations..im a beginner...an abstract view of what the flow is and what needs to happen would help me relate with the an example better.... – rr87 Sep 10 '12 at 17:16
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Have you already seen this slides?


Another good point to start is study the examples in the Showcase and Showcase Grid App. And take a look at the Wiki Pages around the Grid Tag.


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