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I'd like to search for text within the html then select the parent of the element so I can use that to store a reference ID as a string. (I'm using watir to do this as the purpose for it is automated testing)

so here's an example:

         <div id="container">
             <span class="story">
             <div id="text">

Is there a way I can use ruby to search for the text "example" then select the parent so I can store the reference ID within the span as a string?

(I know you can do it the simple way in this example of selecting the div then the span, but on the project I am actually working on, this is not possible. The only possible way of doing it is via search for the text then selecting the reference.)

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You can get the parent element by doing .parent.

So you could do something like:

browser.div(:text, 'example').parent.span(:class, 'story').text
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