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I have a basic photo album project in eclipse. I would like to make specialize photo albulm projects base on it.

Is there a way I could copy my phtotalbulm project into a new project, same eclipse workspace, and say call it something like carphotoabulm??????

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yes. but you also can use your project as a library to avoid having several versions of your code –  njzk2 Sep 10 '12 at 16:23
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Well, if you want to implement your already existing code in another specialised application project , I think it is better to use your previous project as a library and reference it in your new project. That way, all the various classes in PhotoAlbum would be accessible to you in your CarPhotoAlbum. It can be considered analogous to Inheritance where the parent class can us used as a base class for the specialisations in the derived child class.

To create a clone of your project : Open the project that you want to copy. Copy and Paste using Cntrl-C and Cntrl-V . When you finish pasting, Eclipse will ask you for a new project name. The Eclipse project name and directory are independent of the application name and package.

Have a look at this question for more details.

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Hi,Thank you for the idear. I never made my own library in java before, sort of learning it as I learn how to program the Android. I don't know if this would work becouse I would like to make chnages to the UI, such as chnaging the names and graphics in the xml files. –  Ted pottel Sep 10 '12 at 22:28
Well, since you want to change the graphics in the xml files, I guess you could go for cloning the project instead of making a library. Even I havnt worked with libraries enough to know if the xml layouts can be changed. Anyway, check out my updated answer. Should solve your problem. :) –  Swayam Sep 11 '12 at 16:27
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