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I've tried the various forums and teh Google to no avail. I'm trying to install Mac Homebrew on OS X 10.6.8. When I try the install command from the Homebrew Homepage:

ruby <(curl -fsSkL

I get the following errors:

host-197-7-0-10:~ rzazueta$ ruby <(curl -fsSkL
==> This script will install:

Press enter to continue
==> Downloading and Installing Homebrew...
error: The requested URL returned error: 403 while accessing    /info/refs

fatal: HTTP request failed
Failed during: git fetch origin master:refs/remotes/origin/master -n

That 403 is rather odd. Any idea what could be happening here? I was able to successfully install using this method on another Mac, so I feel confident the issue is on my machine, but I don't even know where to begin to figure out what's causing this.


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Check their installation page ( and look under alternate installs.

The pertinent line being:

cd /usr/local/bin    
mkdir homebrew && curl -L | tar xz --strip 1 -C homebrew

then just

ln -s path/to/homebrew/bin/brew /usr/local/bin/brew

I think the path listed on is dated.

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Thank you very much!! – mstzn Dec 10 '15 at 13:53

I had the same problem on OS X 10.8.2. It turned out that I had an old version of git ( installed in /usr/local. When I removed that and used the version provided with Mountain Lion (, the normal install worked fine.

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I had this problem as well. Moving the old git out of the way cleared it up. – fields Feb 7 '13 at 21:40

Just installed using:

ruby <(curl -fsSkL

and it work without problems. Maybe it was a temporary problem...

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Nope, still not working. I believe I've traced it back to the fact that I'm still on Snow Leopard. Planning to upgrade, then will try it again. – Rob Zazueta Oct 4 '12 at 23:23

This was a temporary Github problem. It happens occasionally. Try again later.

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Carefull, the install script has moved from to !

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Change your script to

ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

instead of ruby <(curl -fsSkL

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the above doesn't work anymore. try ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL" – SNeumann Feb 5 '15 at 16:19

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