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I am trying to count how many element with the class .test within my div. I have

<div id='testDiv'>ddd 
   <div class='test'> 111<div> another div </div></div>
   <div class='test'> 222</div>
   <div class='test'> 333</div>

My jQuery:


I can't seem to get the correct number of div with the class name test.

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$('#testDiv.test') you are trying to find a div with attribute id=testDiv and in the same div must be the attribute css=test –  Alberto León Sep 10 '12 at 16:45

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Change the selector like following:

$('#testDiv .test').length

Put an space between #testDiv and .test.

$('#testDiv .test') will find out the direct children of #testDiv who has class=test.

Full Code:

if( $('#testDiv .test').length > 5 ){


$('#testDiv.test') means you are selection some element which has both id=testDiv and class=test like <div id="testDiv" class="test"></div>.

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Try adding a space between #testDiv and .test

$('#testDiv .test').length

What you have is like below,

$('#testDiv.test') //- element with ID testDiv and class test  
//<div id="testDiv" class="test">...</div>
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You're searching for an element that has ID of testDiv AND a class of test, e.g.

<div id="testDiv" class="test">

You need

$('#testDiv .test")
           ^--- note the space

instead. With the space, it'll be all nodes with class 'test' that are children of the node with id testDiv.

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  • $('#testDiv .test") This will count all immediate descendants--if it's a child of a child, you will not count it.
  • $('#testDiv').find('.test') or simply $('#testDiv, .test') will find ALL descendants.
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Hi I am writing 3 cases:

Method 1: If .test is direct child to #testdiv

In this you chould use .children



This will give you array of elements with class 'test'. In javascript to find size of array we use length property. So $("#testdiv").children(".test").length will do your job.

Method 2: Similarly to find all elements with 'test' class in your #testdiv you can use .find callback. This approach should be used when you don't know nested level of '.test' element because it is not optimized way. Eg: $("#testdiv").find(".test") This will give you array of elements. Use same thing .length to find size of array.

Method 3: You can also try using:

$("#testdiv .test")

This will work same as method:2 but it is less optimized.

Your mistake: You tried using following syntax


This selector gives you element with class 'test' and id 'testdiv'.


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