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Making a EXISTING CMS site compatible for mobile site NOT REDIRECT

Hi All. I am currently creating a mobile version of an expression engine site that we use.

I am having problems with this, because typically I can just use media quires, or use redirect scripts.

However, the layout of the mobile site will be completely different from the desktop, so I can't just fiddle with a media quires for the CSS (as site just looks to different).

I was thinking of using a javascript to wipe the code or markup (php) if the device is mobile BUT it would mean perhaps loading two versions of code anytime a page loads up (not good for mobile). Eg one code for desktop and another for mobile.

I can't change the file names eg (mobile_index) because it is a CMS and the links wont link up correctly. I have tried this a few times , and also editing the .HTACCESS file, but it simply didnt work.

So if anyone knows how do I change the code of a page if the device mobile, but cant change file name, directory or any of that :-)



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Can you explain why you can't or won't use a redirect? Is the objection to both client and server side directs? – AllInOne Sep 12 '12 at 0:27

Why no redirect? If I was in your position, which I was a few months ago, I would handle this totally different:

Now you can manage both installations from the same CMS and both installations can access existing channels, modules, extensions and members. This will keep your code fast and clean.

Adding a bunch of conditionals will only slow down installation.

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Sorry for big delay, I was not notified of a response for this. Would I have to enter the information twice if I did this way ?. Also the side has many class files associated, and it would be quite hard to link them all together for new template name. So I don't really use the re-direct for that reason . – user1081830 Jan 30 '13 at 16:50

Actually you could mess with media queries - it's the most flexible. JS is really overkill for something like this. At larger sizes, UL>LI menus could appear, and at smaller sizes they could be hidden (display:none) and swapped to select lists; divs can be replaced, elements dropped or resized. I also combine them with different snippets or embeds so you can tailor the content out as well.

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You might try something like MX Mobile Device Detect. It gives you some variables that can detect if the user is on a mobile device that you could use in conditionals in your templates.

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Hey man, thats awsome, however I am on expression Engine 1.6.2 and that update dosn't work :'( Thanks very much though – user1081830 Sep 11 '12 at 8:46
Ahh, didn't know that. How about detecting mobile browsers with PHP and adding your own mobile detection variables like in this article on Design Karma? That process might be a little different for EE1. If I recall, you added global variables in path.php there. – unexplainedBacn Sep 11 '12 at 13:04
Hey, I just tried that and added it into the 'path.php' but no luck :-( ,I looked at the code, and it simply ignores what HTML I have written into the condition which was : 'code' {if global:site_version=='full'} <h1>FOR DESKTOP </H1> {/if} 'code' – user1081830 Sep 11 '12 at 15:12

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