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I'm trying to correct a relational db for a month, but i cant find efficient solution.

Hier is my problem: I have like 534 M rows Relational Db with lots of foreig keys(30), but they aren't defined.(its old one), but no problem I found the relations from apacheLogs. (: I can handle normal duplicates with union...group by...havin count(*)=1 by inserting, but there are also duplciates with different keys.


table 1

id | key1 | key2 | str | int
0  | 0    | null | a1  | 1
1  | 1    | null | a1  | 1

table 2

key1 | key3 | str | int
0    | 11   | a1  | 1
1    | 11   | a1  | 1

Foreign key table1(key1) references table2(key1)

I'm trying to find, remove duplicate , correct the parents. I have tried 3 different ways,

1: PHP Script,Arrays

export tables (dump) --> array_unique, find duplicates, correct the parents array --> import tables

Its pretty fast, but need 80GB Memory, which could be problem in the future

2: PHP Script,SQL Query

exporrt tables(dump) --> find duplicates --> send queries to parent table

No need memory, but the tables are really big and 5 queries take 1 second, 50 M duplicates would take days, months, years

3: ON DUPLICATE UPDATE KEY: I added one column 'duplicate' to store duplicate keys and I defined all columns except key as unique key,
insert.... on duplicate update concat(duplicate,';',VALUES(key)).

But some tables has more than 1 key and sometimes I should define 24 column as unique index and memory problem again

Sorry for my english, I hope I could explain my problem. Do you have any idea ?

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Could you not do version 1 in blocks? Sort it first, again in blocks to save memory, a merge sort in the files and memory. Remove duplicates, easy once in blocks, allowing for edge cases. Then produce an import. –  Orbling Sep 10 '12 at 17:07
You right, actually I can reduce the memory use by sorting array and importing blocks, but php is not good by garbage collection (some stupid memory leaks by large files), I should try it, thanx –  user1660668 Sep 12 '12 at 8:27

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