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In Symfony2.1 (as well in Symfony2.0) one can render a widget by hand in a Twig template. So, if one would to render a text field name "username", the related label, error and input can be rendered separately, i.e.:

{{ form_label(form.username) }}
{{ form_errors(form.username) }}
{{ form_widget(form.username) }}

In Symfony2.1, the Repeated field group has been introduced. It is useful to ensure the user is not inserting a wrong value for an important entry (e.g. the email or password).

The question is, how to render it in a Twig template by hand?

Please, notice that {{ form_widget(form.username) }} in this case will render the whole component (i.e. both labels and inputs).

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    $builder->add('userPass', 'repeated', array(
        'type'     => 'password',
        'label'    => 'Zayso Password',
        'required' => true,
        'invalid_message' => 'The password fields must match.',
        'constraints' => new NotBlank(),

        'first_options'  => array('label' => 'Zayso Password'),
        'second_options' => array('label' => 'Zayso Password(repeat)'),

        'first_name'  => 'pass1', // form.userPass.pass1
        'second_name' => 'pass2', // form.userPass.pass2

In your template you can do: {{ form_widget(form.userPass.pass1 }}. Not sure where it is documented but found it somewhere.

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Late answer, but you can also add

{{ form_widget(form.username.first) }}

to generate the first widget element.

If you want to display the label and widget separately, you can use:

{{ form_label(form.username.first) }}
{{ form_errors(form.username.first) }}
{{ form_widget(form.username.first) }}

{{ form_label(form.username.second) }}
{{ form_errors(form.username.second) }}
{{ form_widget(form.username.second) }}

Here is the documentation for Repeated Field Type.

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