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Does someone know about Android animations? I want to create something like following:

  • I have a big image in the center of my device screen;
  • this image becomes small (by animation) and goes to the corner of my device screen;

Its something like in this bellow sequence:

enter image description here

Any hints would be very appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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Use ViewPropertyAnimator, with methods like scaleXBy() and translateYBy(). You get a ViewPropertyAnimator by calling animate() on a View, on API Level 11+. If you are supporting older devices, NineOldAndroids offers a near-workalike backport.

You might also wish to read:

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Thanks CommonsWare. Surelly, this is of great help! –  mthama Sep 11 '12 at 17:46

I have a class with the simultaneous rotation and movement. It's costly but it works on all API versions.

public class ResizeMoveAnimation extends Animation {
    View view; 
    int fromLeft; 
    int fromTop; 
    int fromRight;
    int fromBottom;
    int toLeft; 
    int toTop; 
    int toRight;
    int toBottom;

    public ResizeMoveAnimation(View v, int toLeft, int toTop, int toRight, int toBottom) {
        this.view = v;
        this.toLeft = toLeft;
        this.toTop = toTop;
        this.toRight = toRight;
        this.toBottom = toBottom;

        fromLeft = v.getLeft();
        fromTop = v.getTop();
        fromRight = v.getRight();
        fromBottom = v.getBottom();


    protected void applyTransformation(float interpolatedTime, Transformation t) {

        float left = fromLeft + (toLeft - fromLeft) * interpolatedTime;
        float top = fromTop + (toTop - fromTop) * interpolatedTime;
        float right = fromRight + (toRight - fromRight) * interpolatedTime;
        float bottom = fromBottom + (toBottom - fromBottom) * interpolatedTime;

        RelativeLayout.LayoutParams p = (LayoutParams) view.getLayoutParams();
        p.leftMargin = (int) left;
        p.topMargin = (int) top;
        p.width = (int) ((right - left) + 1);
        p.height = (int) ((bottom - top) + 1);

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yip...works fine –  Houston Jan 29 '13 at 14:21

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